LC Accounting: NCCA Consultation

As part of the broader redevelopment of senior cycle, a revised specification for Leaving Certificate Accounting will be introduced in schools from September 2026.

A public consultation on the Background paper and brief for the new Leaving Certificate Accounting course is taking place from 8 April 2024 to 17 May 2024. This is the first phase of the public consultation. 

We would encourage all members to get involved and have your say on the Background Paper and Brief through the link below:

Accounting | NCCA

The NCCA Development group has had two meetings. The rest of their work will be informed by this Background Paper and any changes made to it after the consultation closes. The Tranche 1 subjects had a consultation report for every subject. However for the Tranche 2 subjects it will be one consultation paper for all of them with a page or so for each subject relating to the findings from this background paper consultation.

Please email the BSTAI National Preseident with any questions you may have or points you would like us to bring to the development group on your behalf.