“Doing Development Education” Business Guide for JC

This resource is one in a series being produced by the Worldwise Global Schools Programme (an initiative of Irish Aid, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade). 

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Development Education and Junior Cycle Business Studies

The resource enables Business teachers to achieve learning outcomes through a global justice lens, a lens with great educational benefits, which meet the requirements as laid out in the junior cycle Business Studies specification, and in the Framework for Junior Cycle.

Development Education themes such as such as sustainable development, globalisation and trade, needs and wants – all feature in the learning in the Junior cycle business and are covered in this guide. The rationale for the junior cycle Business Studies recognizes that ‘ young people are growing up in a globalized and dynamic’ and ‘interconnected world’. This resource provides a range of DE teaching and learning activities, which cover a range of statements of learning, and contributes towards the 8 key skills outlined.

For a hard copy of this resource or for further information you can contact :laura.cahill@worldwiseschools.ie