AIB Future Sparks

AIB Future Sparks 2022

AIB Future Sparks is an interdisciplinary programme for post primary schools. It encourages the development of key life skills (including enterprise, business, and financial skills) and supports young people and their teachers across nine curriculum subjects.

Why not check out some of their most popular resources amongst Business Teachers?

  • Consumer Conflict
  • Taxation, Accounting & Monitoring a Business
  • Management
  • Business Expansion
  • Managing Money and much more…

Keep an eye out on the website for more brand-new resources, updates and releases coming soon!  So far they have 170+ free business and financial education resources, covering 9 subject areas covered (including Business, Economics and Accounting).  There are also 65 inspirational life skills episodes and podcasts.  The materials are aligned to the Junior & Leaving Certificate specifications.  They also support skills-based learning.  There are already 590+ schools registered.

New to AIB Future Sparks?

Registered teachers have access to a wealth of free resources covering topics such as study skills, stress management, and career investigation – plus resources for other subjects including Business, Economics, Accounting, Financial Education, and more.

If you have yet to sign up, register now on the website here, or email for more information.