AIB Future Sparks School Impact Awards

AIB Sparks image

AIB have been in touch to let us know about the newest element of the AIB Future Sparks Programme – the AIB Future Sparks School Impact Awards, newly launched this month.

The AIB Future Sparks School Impact Awards recognise and reward schools’ contributions to the social, financial and environmental success of their community. The awards provide a platform to showcase the endeavours that schools are undertaking to inspire and ignite positive change, such as fundraising, volunteering, activism, mentoring, and more.

All post-primary schools in the Republic of Ireland are invited to take part and the benefits include:

  • An overall prize of €10,000 with a prize pool totalling €25,000 (no cost to enter)
  • National Gala Awards Event: Representatives from shortlisted schools (principals, teachers, and students) will attend a Gala Lunch Awards in Croke Park on 1st May 2024 with community benefactors and local AIB managers to celebrate successful impact in the community. This Gala Awards event is completely free to attend.
  • PR and Prestige: Opportunity to showcase schools’ commendable achievements. Shortlisted schools will be profiled in the press and social media
  • Fostering the development of new skills through engagement in community activities and instilling in students the significance and advantages of altruism

Submissions and registration to find out more are currently open on their website until March 20th 2024 and anything a school has done since last year between January 2023 and March 2024 is eligible.